Hiking groups

The Environmental Group GOB( is based in Maó at the King's Mill, a restored British building. You can visit it during office hours and find useful information on hiking and the nature of the island (Camí des Castell, 53 - Tel. 971 350 762). The GOB also organises hikes and manages the ‘Centre de la Natura’ in Ferreries, which has a permanent exhibition about the nature on Menorca and temporary exhibitions on environmental topics (Tel.971374505). The office in Ciutadella can be contacted at tel. 971 386 322



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‘Menorca on foot’ (Miquel Camps, Francesc Carreras, Manuel Lora), GOB Menorca, 2008


‘Guidebook of Camí de Cavalls’, Fundació Destí Menorca, 2010


Guided hikes: Tel. 685 747 308/


Organised mountain bike routes: Tel. 622 055 025/





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